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Feeling Off Balanced? Your Root Chakra Need Some Tending

The beginning of the year is the time to focus on becoming more grounded and rooted in your life. We do this through the Root Chakra.

Is Your Root Chakra in Balance?

Your chakras are rich, deep, complex and many layered energy systems that hold the history of your life experience. They are constantly interacting with and impacted by the world around you. As you go through life, each experience affects your energy and health. A healthy chakra processes and digests these experiences, enabling healthy growth. Experiences, such as conflicts or traumatic events that are not processed and digested lead to imbalances (i.e. become over or under active), blockages, damage and dysfunction in the affected chakra(s).

Chronic stress, trauma, conflict and unaddressed issues create chakra imbalances that lead to significant physical, emotional and mental health problems. Self-care is therefore of the utmost importance.

Here are some things to look for to help determine if your Root Chakra is healthy and in balance:

Signs of a balanced Root Chakra include:

  • Satisfied with life

  • Overall sense of well-being

  • Feel safe and secure in the world

  • Easily acknowledge and accept basic needs will be met

  • Prosperity

  • Able to let go with ease

  • Job/career satisfaction

  • Good health

  • Physically fit and strong

  • Intestinal regularity

  • Appropriate body weight

  • Abundant energy

  • Feeling grounded and centered

Signs of Imbalance in the Root Chakra:

  • Unwarranted fear and anxiety

  • Feeling ungrounded, unsettled

  • Use of sexuality for power and/or security

  • Disconnection from physical body

  • Hypervigilance

  • Eating disorders

  • Obesity/over weight

  • Aggression, rage and violence

  • Reckless/careless behaviors and attitude; inability to recognize danger

  • Greedy or materialistic

  • Hoarding, unable to let go

  • Resistant to change

  • Unable to manifest material abundance/poverty

  • Bone and skeletal disorders

  • Autoimmune disorders, illness and poor health

  • Low vitality/energy levels

  • Spinal issues, lower back pain

  • Leg, knee or feet issues

  • Intestinal irregularity (colon disorders/constipation/diarrhea)

  • Job/career related dissatisfaction and stress or lack of focus

A great place to start is to give more love to yourself with this Root Chakra Bath!

Root Chakra Balancing Bath

Salt water is very calming and detoxing. Swimming in the ocean, or in this case, soaking in your tub, will instantly cleanse your aura and increase your health and vitality.

Root Chakra Bath

Here’s how you do it:

1) Fill your bath with water, two cups of Epsom salts and essential oil that support the root chakra (i.e. Sandalwood, Myrrh, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Cinnamon). You might want to set the mood with red candles and music. You can also put your root chakra crystals in the tub with you. Check to make sure your crystals can be placed in water.

2) Set the intention that you are going to clear and balance your root chakra.

3) While soaking for twenty minutes, use a counter clockwise spin over your chakra to spin out any dark spots or heavy energy. Start close to your body, working your way up, and then flick it away. Spin out three times.

4) Use a clockwise spin with your hand, from far over your body, moving the energy from above, closer to your body. Visualize your chakra as bright, clear and vibrant. Picture the jewel tone color red that corresponds with the root chakra spiraling into that space.

5) As you are spinning in the color, use the following mantras & chant to help balance the energies:

Root Mantra: I am safe

Root Chant: LAM

Chant “LAM” if your energy is low, you struggle financially, you suffer from low self-esteem and you suffer from adrenal fatigue and other stress-related ailments.

6) Drain the tub while sitting in it. Imagine your body clearing any energy that no longer serves you as it washes down the drain.

7) Stand up and turn on the shower and rinse off the salt. As the water pours over your body, visualize a brilliant white light clearing away everything that no longer serves you and your chakras.

8) Exit the bath, dry off, and lay down to reflect on the experience. Say aloud, “My root chakra is clear and balanced. ii am safe and rooted, Ase !”

Methods to help balance the Root Chakra

  • Exercise, dance and movement

  • Meditation (specifically those that connect you with your body and the Earth)

  • Grounding practices

  • Walk barefoot on the Earth

  • Get out in nature

  • Practice letting go. Get rid of old junk and things the are no longer useful.

  • Have sex

  • Practice gratitude

  • Recognize abundance in your world

  • Give and receive healthy touch such as massage

  • Practice self-reliance

  • Create safety in your environment

  • Get a pedicure

  • Use the color Red: Wear it, eat red foods such as cherries, beets and apples

  • Toning: Using the sound LAM, or use Do from the “Do, Re, Mi” scale

The Root Chakra is the foundation of your energetic ‘house’. It draws energy from the Earth to nourish and energize your body. When the Root is compromised, the energy flow to the other chakras may be impacted as well. It is therefore essential to build a strong foundation to overall stability and health.

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