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Navigating Distractions on the Path to the New Earth

For those of us chosen to usher people into the new earth, it’s crucial to honor yourself. Ensure you are in alignment with your self-care, and that your boundaries are in check. Respect the boundaries of others as well. Learn to sit still and observe without the compulsion to act. It's true that more and more people are choosing chaos daily. Not everyone is accountable for themselves or their actions. Unpacking baggage can seem unbearable to those used to pretending.

Everyone has a place in this lifetime, and everyone’s place isn’t in the light. Some show up to bring attention to your shadow work. Do your shadow work! Self-work is hard, and lazy workers are always quick to pass their work off to you. DO NOT ACCEPT IT! Honor your truth, honor your boundaries, honor your presence, gift yourself ease, and truly mind your business. Your survival during this time solely depends on you and your willingness to ascend.

Are you worth it? Do you feel like you deserve it? Do you believe that you can achieve it? Everyone won’t ascend. Some religious texts speak on the end of days and clearly point out that everyone won’t make it. Stop trying to be a savior; you can only save yourself. Saving yourself requires submission. Are you willing to submit? Leave breadcrumbs of truth and trust that someone will find them. Accept the change. Accept the death as well as the transformation. You can’t transform without death, and you can’t die without letting go. LET GO! Don’t let the distractions get the best of you. They will come; sometimes you will even choose to pick them up. Don’t fault yourself for picking them up; just put them back down and continue on your path.

Your walk in life is the only thing that matters. Yes, you have permission to be selfish. Being selfish is a radical act of self-love. Self-preservation matters. Until you show up for yourself, how can you show up for anyone else? Show up for yourself, watch yourself do it, and be amazed at your response. Folks out here are tripping, but you don’t have to let them trip into you. (Read that again). You don’t even have to bend down to pick them up, honestly. Get comfortable showing them how to stand, or in my case, how to fly (give those feet a break and get you some wings)!

- Bábàlawo Ifaseun H. Alejaibra Badu

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