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it’s easy for my mind to wander into the land of let down and not enough. ii access the situation honestly when ii arrive. ii allow any emotion to move through me, being sure not to block the flow by relaxing instead of fighting. No need to fight myself. No matter how many times it visit me, ii allow whatever it is to purge. ii am very clear on my roll in my own reality. ii understand that trauma from lifetimes can surge at anytime. ii know collected pain from others can reveal itself dressed as me. ii am ok with that, it keeps me aligned to what is right and what ii could be choosing with my thoughts. it questions my self care rituals and reminds me of the need. it makes me evaluate the strength of trust found in the faith of who ii am. it reminds me not to be tough on myself and that ii signed the permission slip to be vulnerable. That vulnerability doesn’t weaken me vulnerability builds my character. That it’s ok not to know what’s next because whats next has nothing to do with right now. What next is anxiety’s cousin (check the family tree). Today ii will choose to feel more empowered, ii will choose to just be. Maybe ii will go volunteer at a shelter or nursing home. Maybe ii will visit sick children in the hospital. maybe ii find a busy street corner and offer free hugs. Maybe ii will wash dishes and cut the grass. Maybe ii will appreciate all that ii see in front of me and not seek complaint in the unknown. Maybe ii will learn to be ok with doing nothing. All ii know is that my life has purpose, ii am purpose. My purpose is to remind people of purpose without effort. Today ii won’t try to be great or assume responsibility. Today ii will feed myself ease. Today ii will trust the whisper of my soul and not talk back. Just bee in it and see where it leads me. ii wanna cry but inside ii feel no sadness, ii wanna be mad but ii can’t find pain, ii wanna blame but all ii see is mirrors and the guy looking back at me is cute and doesn’t deserve it. So ii will do what ii feel inside even if what ii see hasn’t caught up 2 it yet. ii will be happy! ii feel good, ii feel great, ii am creatin beautiful new memories daily and even with my flaws, God is still checking for me. So who knows what today is or what it will bring. ii am just so happy to be able to receive from it. So happy that my ego is listening to the voice of my spirit.

Pray for Me As ii Pray for You

Pray for me as ii pray for you.


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