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rest for your ancestors who couldn't. ancestors whose wildest dream was a life where you wasn't forced into labor. 

Everybody needs a safe space to Rest, Reset & Recharge. It's all about destination Alejaibra's House. I offer Daycations, Staycations, Weekend & 1-2 week retreats. Each stay is customized by you, providing you the power to choose the tools you need for your rejuvenation. All Inclusive Meals, Sunrise Hikes, River Dancing, Plant Medicine, Energy Rebalancing, Soul Coaching and More.

 Check into Alejaibra's District of Columbia Sacred Healing Compound or plan a stay at Alejaibra's Healing Compound located in Osun State, Nigeria. 

Rest & Recharge

Rest is an act of Liberation. For the past few years Healers, Worship Leaders, Teachers & Friends have checked in to learn how to Rest.

This 1 on 1 retreat allows you to let go of control & reconnect to your soul. Trust me to cater to every aspect of your restorative needs. Embrace your solitude and reclaim your peace.


Rest for the Ancestors who couldn't! 


Plant Medicine Retreats

Plant Medicine has been around for thousands of years. Our retreat is an Entheogen Plant Medicine helps you journey towards self-discovery and transformation. Journey-work teaches us on profound levels and in mystical ways. The intelligence of sacred plants assimilates with your innate intelligence. From there, you will re-member who you are from Source and gain a deeper understanding of the Universe that resides within you. You can quickly heal shame, regret, anger, jealously, envy and disease. Experiencing your sacred self brings to you a divine healing that far surpasses other healing modalities. Through your mind, heart, spirit and body, you're able to find healing at depths that may have otherwise eluded you.


Mother Father Land Retreats

Have you ever wanted to visit Africa? Come home with me and be treated like Royalty! Visit Osun Sacred Groove, swim in African Waterfalls, take part in a Yoruba naming ceremony & Much More. 

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