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Today I Was Reminded About Emotions

In this season, it's easy to find yourself all up in your emotions. You might even find yourself shifting frantically through many. I encourage you to feel it while also knowing it's not real. Find your grounding and trust the presence of your now moment. Feel it. Just don't become it. Feel without becoming the emotions. But feel tho. It's your birthright to feel.

If you look for something, then you sure gone find it. That’s the same case with our emotions. If you start looking for shit, you will find shit and possibly even trigger your own depression. Lowering your own mood and creating your own nightmare. Your life is alright; it’s just asking you to surrender. The question is, are you going to listen?

Pluto is in retrograde till October 11, 2024. Pluto is the planet of transformation, power, death, and rebirth. What current aspect of your now self are you willing to sacrifice to achieve the outcome of your future self? Without sacrifice, nothing can be reborn. Consider sacrificing limited beliefs, horrible self-talk, procrastination, complaining, talking about folks, talking about yourself, or unhappiness. Let go with love, have a conversation with it, appreciate how far it has gotten you while acknowledging the time has come for you to give it up.

Breaking up with your emotions is like breaking up with any relationship. Be real, be true, and do it ethically. The emotions you don’t say goodbye to will call you for a booty call during the midnight hour. Sound familiar?

Today I show up to encourage you. Healing takes community in the same way that celebration takes community. I am here to heal and celebrate with you. I’m currently accepting new clients. Interested in starting a 90-day healing journey with me? Completed a journey and need to get back on track? Ready to book a Rest & ReTreat with a Bábàlawo? What are your needs in this season? I just might have the fix for it.

Bábàláwo King Alejaibra Ifaseun Badu

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