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You Don't Have to Keep Reliving the Story of What You've Been Through




It can be very easy moving through life constantly looking back. Those would of, could of, should of's, the constant comparing of your now life to how your life used to be. Taking charge and living your life now sounds almost impossible and the thought alone can trigger anxiety in some. Making the decision to live your best life is a choice you have to choose and one you must keep choosing. I choose it daily and make it a point not to be hard on myself when I forget to choose me. Life is a process and this new process I’m still learning. Not eager to be a master but humbled to be a student. I like to remind myself that my ego set up many booby traps knowing that this day would come. Knowing that one day I would choose to operate from my higher self and not be lead by the voice in my head. I believe that spirit or your higher self always speaks first but like any bad relationship, that ego creeps in the mind to create doubt. In order to trust myself I have to know myself, tell myself who I am, what I believe and always honor how I feel. No matter how high or low I must always take time to acknowledge how I feel. Be tender and release the pressure, give yourself a chance to grow. Take the time to meditate, ask yourself, ask your God, ask your angels, ask your Ancestors, the Universe or whatever force you believe in. Dare to dream of what life could be if you remove the negative thought patterns and create positive vibrations.

It’s hard to live a life that you always “thought” was impossible, and you can’t know you have life to live if you never written it out for yourself to see. How do you receive yourself and how are you received by the world around you? Is your life a party full of the dopest people that love and adore you? Are you impeccable with your words, focused on your health and vitality. What do you wish to see for yourself? Even if you don’t know who you are this could be your time to know what you are not. Separate yourself from all the projections that people easily throw your way (it’s not your baggage to carry). Let your inner child come out and play dodgeball with low vibrational foolishness. Play it daily allowing yourself to remember that in life sometimes the ball will sneak up and smack you.

Breathe, gather yourself, look around and throw the ball back.

Start a Journal Gratitude

Writing in a gratitude journal can help process negative thoughts and anxieties. Once a week, sit down and think of 3-5 things that you are grateful for. It could be your home, your health, or a comforting conversation you had with a friend. Try to write your feelings with as much detail as possible.

Creating an Intention Log

Every day write out your intentions for the day. Dig deep and think hard. Setting an intention before your meditation, yoga practice, or even your day can be a powerful practice because it’s the first step to embodying that which you want. “Our intention creates our reality.” Document how those intentions manifested throughout your day.

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