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Who are you? Have you talked with your soul?

Death swept through like a whirlwind yesterday clearing out everything in its path. What a beautiful thing to experience. A JOY to witness Ancient energy, Ancient power bee’ing revealed, RELEASED, RETURNED! I carry the gift of Ancestral Healing. The GIFT is a very humbling a very POWERFUL gift. See a gift is something giving to you by someone else as a token of love and selflessness. To be chosen is a gift and not a privilege; something all great Masters innerstand. Insecure masters fear to find submission. My higher consciousness can see through (guided by SOURCE, my Ori, Mother God, Father God, Ancestors, Angels, Orisha’s, Deities, Spirit Guides and Spirit Beings of Light) many lifetimes, in many worlds, dimensions, and universes. This type of healing gives birth to the ascended you, releasing and returning you to a place of higher BEE’ing. Waking up as your true spirit self can seem scary as the physical eyes have now opened and the ego knows it has to go. It can be the slowest death or the easiest rebirth, it’s your choosing but remember you live what you choose.

OYA who reminds us in order to realize self actualization "YOU" need to activate the OYA awareness in order to shed this mentality.

Give thanks to Oya for showing up and showing out! You know that feel good feeling when you finally get your breath back and makes you yell O-YA! OYA! (YES-SA!) YANSA!

This day in the re-birth of NOW our meditation this week is spending time with our Ori which is our SOUL, our true higher self that still resides in heaven among all the Greats. We give thanks to the creator of our SOUL. We clear away all dead bodies standing in the way of us hearing and vibing with our soul. I mean, it's just dead bodies. I get you lived many lifetimes but why you still carrying that shit around?

This week we are reminded to be in silence with our self, our TRUE SELF. Sweeping away the dusty old pain, memories, illusions, and STORies making way to guidance from the higher rim.

When your 7th Chakra, your Ori, your soul is out of alignment, it shows up in many ways. Running around all over the place just doing shit but missing all of it. No joy, no real inspiration, your existence just feels like a void. Your view on the world and life is fueled from being rational and materialistic. A great fuck it to all of your spiritual sources by feeling unappreciated. Yep, you walk around saying fuck it to the GREAT source of light. Would you rather live in the pain of your self-created existence?

Don’t create madness, complain about it, and then blame the GODS! That just plain ole stank shit; They don't deserve it. Keep that stank shit to yo'self. WE ARE ARE THAT GUUD SHIT!

The crown chakra is where consciousness (the soul), thought, universal truth, knowledge, and understanding enter. From here, through the realm of thought and consciousness, we can transform the physical and connect with the divine. We can become liberated from the limitations of humanity and tap into divine Knowledge and Truth (yes, with a capital K and T). It is, indeed, the center of connection to consciousness and spirituality, and of integration of body, mind, and spirit.


1. You quickly WANT someone who proclaims to be a religious or spiritual teacher to help you. You know the, "Iyanla, fix my life" type because you can’t trust you. This makes you vulnerable to all forces, good or pained.

Allow your own intuition to guide you! Ask it to let you know if this is where you’re supposed to bee. Don’t let people feed you their shit especially if they are not eating it.

You can’t digest it no way, so what YOU chewing fo?

2. You find yourself running around demanding teachings, answers that you are not ready for.

3. You have scary dreams, visions, premonitions, spiritual GIFTS, and POWERS but are convinced God's, Angel, Orishas, Saints, Spirits are talking only to you. Trying to get you!

Ain’t nobody thinkin about yo’ ass, let that shit GO!

Be careful not to summon paranoia into your life. Be aware of the chaos that’s in your site; the role you had in creating it. Think TWICE!

4. You tend to practice excessively BUTT (that stank shit again), without the real understanding of the meaning of your practice. In other words, still running around here doing shit but ain’t BEE’ing shit.

5. Without the pull of higher forces (i.e., church, religion, your beliefs. Without going to church every day, praying five times a day, talking to your life coach, counselor, teacher, friend or mentor) to help you stay in place. You will be stuck living in your physical mind and body which deals with survival and pleasure. Finding yourself fighting for the last word, to prove your pain, for someone to understand what you are saying. Just running around acting like a damn plum fool because you allow it. You just allow yourself to give up on yourself and be mad at the world around you. You don’t trust that healing is you, so you run to everything outside of you to find it. Then you nerve up to be so co-dependent on it. You would rather die than not to have it. Rather die than rely on yourself. The feeling that all things great can only live outside of you but never BEE YOU.

This week's journey is a deep trip within. Going inside yourself, not to find but to bee. A Humble BEE!

Soul Journaling Tools

Whiling in mediation ask yourself.

Who am I, if this body and mind do not limit me?

Do I know what and who i AM?

In what ways do I / could I celebrate the mystical in my everyday life?

Love yourself strong and spend time in silence this week, Vibin, rocking, vibrating with yourself. Love yourself, honor yourself, put yourself first and move away from mind control. No longer try to control but LOOSE control. Feel for the FEELING! Don't be a FOOL for the feeling. Give yourself permission to feel you, for the FEEL of it!

Ask yourself Who are you? When was the last time you talked to your soul?

Now go out there and bee love honey, run and tell them Poppa Alejaibra's love taught you that. Gave you some of that good love potion number 9!

H. Alejaibra Bada

Tribe LOVER, Tribe BeeKeeper, Tribe POPpa

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