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Don't Dirty Up Your Divine White Light

This week is all about the Crown Chakra A.K.A Ori, Soul, Sahasrara, Spirit, Higher Self. The crown chakra is located at the top of your head (the crown), extending upward towards the Cosmos. The crown chakra is your gateway to infinite consciousness and absolute knowledge. You know, the knowledge that you find within yourself the moment you replace seeking with surrendering.

Spending time in awareness and mediation with your crown chakra will bring you intuitive knowledge, deeper innerstanding, strong spiritual links and an enhanced sense of wonder. This allows you to connect with other parallels of existence and to discover the divine teachings of life. Creating an inn'er-getic shift which allows you to transform the mundane illusions of existence into cosmic bliss with your Soulful self.

Yes baby, you are a Soul! You just so happen to be wearing a body, don't let the body wear you.

The crown chakra symbol is a pattern of radiant inner-chi, an infinite number of radiant petals emanating lights the comprise all the colors of the rainbow. It's often visualized as a lotus in full bloom with a thousand petals expanding. Innerstanding that white contains all the colors of the spectrum and divine white light contains all of the knowledge of the heavens. To receive it is to receive YOU, SOURCE, & ALL, in its purest form, moving beyond the mind and all physical existences while opening you up to discover the divine mysteries of life.

Life is a mystery that isn't feared once you let go of the need to know (A.K.A control) by replacing it with the desire to feel your soul in its totality.

Your divine white light becomes filthy anytime it is starved of joy. Often times this starvation is created by the imprisonment of living outside of yourself. It's ok to come back home but first you must come back to your soul. Feed you joy and your soul will forever be fulfilled. Real joy, know what your joy looks like and be ok with it not looking like mine. Your joy is for YOU! A crime is committed anytime you invest time into worrying anyone's joy. Don't fool yourself into illusion.

Crown Chakra Allows You To

  • Tap into deep intuitive knowledge

  • Gain a deeper innerstanding

  • Strong connection with spirit

  • Enhances your sense of wonder, imagination, and creativity

  • Experience your Higher Self

  • Connection to the Divine Source of ALL

  • Experience stillness, quietness, completeness

When to polish your Crown?

  • When you deny yourself joy

  • When your mind is scattered and motivation is sinking

  • When you desire to discover your life's purpose

  • When you suffer from insomnia or restless sleep

  • When you become aware that you need to make changes to your basic belief system

  • When you are experiencing excessive nervousness

  • When you can't identify yourself outside of your religion

  • When you are lacking self fulfillment

Tips, Tools, & Guud Food

Mudras are good to add to your meditative practice. Mudras are hand positions that connects with each part of the brain. A Mudras locks and guides inner-chi flow and reflects to the brain.

In the video below ii will be demonstrating the Mudra of A Thousand Petals. Holding this mudra high above your head can open the gateway to universal consciousness, divinity, and transcendence. Be sure to be comfortably seated when performing this mudras. Your spinal column will need to be straight, check your posture and make sure you are comfortable and are not trying to be comfortable. Surrender starts here, you will hold this Mudra for 1-5 minutes

Join me this week as ii share tips and tools on restoring, refinishing, and reuniting with you with your Royal Crown.

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