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Alejaibra's house:

"Love Lights It's Own Path It Never Get Lost On It's Way Home. You're Always Home at Alejaibra's House

Systemic oppression, depression and racism has conditioned a culture where healing isn’t warranted while hustling and depletion are continually being cultivated.


Alejaibra's believes that Indigenous Black Folks can’t heal because they have to worry about their bills. Healing is a privilege today and a luxury that most folks can’t afford.

A shift in the subconscious is needed! Transforming traditional thoughts, healing practices and methods away from a Eurocentric/ individualistic focus into a Common Unity based approach. Centering the lives and experiences of Indigenous Black Folks to adequately address issues causing more stress, harm and inadequacy. Alejaibra's belief is when you are shifted from the things binding you Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually, you can live the life you deserve now, in the present moment. Healing while accepting all the abundance your life has to offer.

Alejaibra's House stands to re-establish the presence of love within ones self & in the atmosphere. Love has been the scapegoat for many emotions throughout the history of time. Fear of loss has masqueraded as love.  Envy and jealousy have "acted" as love. Love is a divine power, a constant force. We all deserve to rest in love. 

"formerly known as the madison house"

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