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The highest vibration of LOVE on Earth is the embodiment of Os(h)un.

Sensuality, Beauty, Sweetness, Gracefulness, she symbolizes the Solar Plexus, clarity and flowing motion, she has power to heal with cool water, she is also the divinity of fertility and feminine essence, Women appeal to her for child-bearing and for the alleviation of female disorders, she is fond of babies and is sought if a baby becomes ill, she is known for her love of honey. She is the mother of Ibeji’s (Twin Orisha) and women have been known to drink the water from her to conceive a child.

Great for rituals, baths, protections, blessings and more.

Includes: Osun Honey River Water, Osun Sacred Groove Earth & Cowry

*All Water & Earth come from Osun Sacred Grove in Osogbo, Osun State Nigeria (google) and was with sacred intention gathered, with these hands.

Oshun Medicine

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