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Orisha Healing Soap. The perfect way to Invoke & Petition Spirit in a Glamorous way!

Obatala’s Iwa Pele Oil- Embraced to Invoke Divine & Balance character from within. Clarity, Calmness, Patiences, Eldership, Monogamy, Higher Intelligence, Awareness & Divine Law

Dualities by Esu Oil- Embraced to Invoke sight on both sides of the game. Esu is the messenger of all Orisha & Olodumare’s (God’s) supreme minister. Policeman of the Yoruba Cosmology. Decisiveness, Accountability, Communication, Crossroads & Follow Through

Ogun’s Strength & Courage Oil- Embraced to Activate your Strength & Courage to Invoke Obstacles being Removed. Execution, Way Maker, Technology, Vehicles, Protection, Force, Will, Discipline, Dedication & Level Headedness.

Oshun’s Love in Abundance Oil- Embraced to Invoke the Law of Attraction & Diplomatic Sensuality. Love, Beauty, Arts & Humanities, Money, Pleasure, Luxury, Partnership’s, Balance & Motherhood.

Yemoja’s Big Mama Oil- Embrace to Invoke the Spirit of the Loving Mother helping you to create boundaries with judgmental frequencies. This Oil is Unforgiving. Protection, Nurturing, Instinct, Healing & Regeneration.

Sex, Death & Transformation by Oya Oil- Embraced to Invoke the Legendary Mother of Trans’itions. Clairvoyance unlike non other she calls for rest during the storm and progression as she raises your Ancestors Power from within. Marketplace, Inheritance, Compassion, Leadership & Loyalty.

Shango’s Butch Queen Oil- Embraced to Invoke Balance in ALL Aspects of Masculinity by Paying Homage to the Queen Within. Magnetism, Kingly, Sudden Change, Vigor, Versatility, Truth, Fire, Justice & Courage.

7 African Powers- Just a splash of err thang honey, embrace to invoke errr thang honey.

Back to Sender Quadversible- Embrace to Banish, Revoke, Reverse, Cleanse & Cord Cut people, thoughts and things.

**All Natural & Plant Based | Consecrated & Amplified With Bábà’s Àṣẹ**

Orisha Healing Soap

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