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The Obi Divination can assist you in every area of your life while strengthening your own intuition. Divination is not a system for codependency and one should always seek the HiGHER self within.

Obi Divination is a West African system that originated within the traditional Yoruba religion of Ifá and its various diasporic derivatives, such as Santeria Lukumi, Palo Mayombe, Vodoun, and Candomblé.

The African form of this work employs kola nuts, but in the Diaspora, Obi readers use either four pieces of coconut or four cut cowrie shells to answer "yes" or "no" questions.

Obi means "kola nut" in the West African Yoruba language, and within their native religion Obi is an Orisa or deific spirit in its own right.

This set comes feed, consecrated handmade with Bábàlawo Latona Alejaibra Ifaseun’s Àṣẹ

Obi Divination Tools

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