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Perfect for them times you need to get shit the Fuck OFF!

Sometimes we collect folks energies, opinions, depressions and so much more. Sometimes folks can send them your way or you may find yourself easily susceptible to emotional dumping. Well, it’s not yours and it’s not yours to carry.

This box has whatchew need to get you back minding yo needs.

Our Fuck You With Love Reversible Oil is a two for plenty being able to dress candles and spiritual items but also used as a face oil helping to reverse the signs of stress. Our Fuck You With Love Body soaps helps you clean that ass free of unwanted attachments. Included our quadruple reversible Fuck You With Love Candle & Black Salt for all needed purposes.

Metaphysical: Banish, Return to Sender, Fortify Boundaries, Amplify Spiritual Energy, Root Chakra, Crown Chakra, ALL Chakra, Earth Inner-Chi, Feminine Energy, Masculine Energy

Fuck You Box

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