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This candle is really complete as it’s balanced with all 4 elements working in conjunction for the greater good of those that petition it. Topped with Black Salt, this candle is perfect to send, removed and transmute lower energies that may have been sent, picked up accidentally or self inflicted.




With clear intention in your heart speak aloud:


I release all things that are not of me

I release all things that are not meant for my sanity.

I release and return them to the ethers to be transmuted by love.


Bonus: write the name of a person, thing, emotion or situation on paper. Place candle on top, speak affirmation and ignite the candle.


F U C K is the HIGHEST vibration used to open up the throat chakra. This energy allows you to use the power of your own voice to command things away. Many have been programmed to not give a F U C K and as a result many have collected many that they should have freely given away. Here is your chance to release it so you won’t ever have to carry them again.


Remember there is no power, no force more greater than love.


Bàbá Alejaibra Ifaseun Badu

F@CK YOU Reversible Candle

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