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Black salt is a powerful tool used for protection and banishing.

This salt can be used to remove negative energy from your property, banish unwanted guests and influences, or absorb negativity during spellwork.

How to use:

- Create a circle of black salt around the perimeter of your house or yard to cleanse negativity and banish evil intentions from others.

- Sprinkle some outside your door, naming the person you wish to keep away.

- Sprinkle in the footsteps of someone who has left to ensure that they don't return.

- Have on your altar to absorb negativity during spell work or work with powerful spirits.

- Bring a small amount to your workplace to absorb anger, moodiness and gossip.

- Put under your bed to ward away nightmares.

- Others suggest sprinkling inside your home or in casting circles.

Black Salt

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