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Aje Oluokun’s Purple Pussy Indigo bath promise to have you swimming in purple and blue waters.

Anchor down to the bottom of the Ocean’s land of mystery where you recover all of your life’s treasures. This magical bath contains all things Sacred & Magical allowing you to transform & return to a place of abundant tranquility.

Featuring Sea Coral, Cowry, Almond, Turquoise, Purple Pussy Flower & Bàbá’s Àṣẹ

With Sacred Intentions release contents in pool of free flowing warm water. Speak your financial desires, aspirations, wants & needs out loud as you stir the water with your hands. Recite Aje Olokun prayer. Soak for 30-45mins. At the end of bath jewels can be collected for altar, mojo bag etc. Embrace your days in abundant ways.

Contains 1 bath & 1 Mojo Bag

*WARNING. Please don’t use if you are cynical or committed to lack. Trust your WORTH.

Aje Olokun Transformation Money Bath & Mojo Bag

Excluding Sales Tax
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