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Aje Olokun is a androgynous non-binary Orisha of wealth and economic prosperity.

Aje Olokun aids the accumulation of wealth and prevent dwindling of one’s economic growth. Aje Olokun is an extremely paramount Orisha (old money) that anybody who really wants wealth, economic prosperity, growth and maintenance of wealth must appease. Aje Olokun is the child of Olokun.

Handmade & consecrated with the Àṣẹ of Bàbá Alejaibra, these candles feature a custom original art piece of Aje Olokun.

Ile Aje’s Aje Olokun Prayer ©

I use my voice out loud to say your name Aje

Aje Olokun i celebrate your benevolence & your mystery

Oh it is me Aje coming to you with an jovial heart of openness .

Yes it is me Aje, coming to you claiming my wealth in the name of my Ancestors.

My birthright is the murky waters of your divine permission.

I surrender to your unknown to receive from your unknown.

Parent of Unimaginable wealth.

Please Grant me financial favor in my home, financial favor in my business, financial favor for my lineage.

I accept your transformation

I accept your abundance

I accept your wealth in my acceptance of your androgynous nature, for true wealth knows no gender.


Bàbá Alejaibra Ifaseun

Aje Olokun Old Money Candle

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